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As some of you know I recently posted pics of very complicated transformers i built out of knex from the new movie. Since those are very complicated to show people how to build it i chose to see if i can make one out of a smaller transformer i built. This hopefully will give you an idea of how i created the larger ones. Any questions or improvements are appreciated.

Step 1: Peices You Need

Some of the pieces I use are different colors but it dont matter as long as its the rt piece.

Step 2: Creating Legs

In the first picture build two of these to create the legs. The second and third picture connect the hole in the grey connector on the bottom part of the knex man body.

Step 3: Arms and Head

First and second pictures you need these pieces to create the arms and both are the same. Connect to the body in picture 3. In pictures 4 - 6 you need to take those pieces and assemble them to create the face which you will need to attach more to in a later step.

Step 4: Building the Scorpion Legs

First and second pictures show how to build a pair of legs you need to build 3 of them so the scorpion has 6 legs. Picture 3 shows what pieces you need to put them all together. Picture 4 shows that you have to put a grey connector in between the yellow connectors with the legs. The next 3 pictures show different angles of it all assembled if your still unclear how to make this let me know. The last 3 pictures show how to attach the piece to the head you build earlier.

Step 5: Creating Scorpion Face

The First 5 pictures show how to build the scorpion face. The last 3 pictures show how to attach it to the legs you built earlier.

Step 6: The Scorpion Claws

Create 2 of everything in the first picture and connect them together so you have 2 of them like the second picture. The two green rods from the green connectors will snap into the blue connector of his face. Now the thing you have been building for a few steps now is almost done.

Step 7: Building the Gun

The is the last thing you have to build the next step will be to transform it. In the first picture Build these things. In the second picture put the two blue rods together like this and connect the front with those black pieces. In the third picture connect 2 yellow connector together with a white or silver rod it doesn't matter just a color, same with the next step the normal color for that is a red connector. Connect the blue rod with the ball join in the back of the yellow connectors as shown and you got yourself the gun. The next Steps show how to fold all the scorpion things onto his back and how to hold his gun. This would be him in robot mode complete.



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    6 years ago

    I admire your skill. Please post transformers without the knex man piece


    I honestly have no idea where to buy more knex men figures they were awesome. If you find out where to get them let me know.

    you can more knex men figures in like a big brief case looking container because for my birthday my cousin had alot of knex and he knew i loved to build with them so he gave them to me for birthday because he doesn't play with them anymore and that's how i got my knex men.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    woah this is good i have built and have decided my new prodject has anyone heard on metroid prime ,samus,bounty hunter any thing well i think i will post a forum topic on the matter go and see if you are interested

    1 reply
    619 rey

    11 years ago on Step 3

    what are those funny blue connector where can i get one