K'nex Shaker

This contraption simply provides a shaking platform for all your shaking platform needs. It works by using four pistons to lift a platform up and down very quickly.

Step 1: Base

The first step is to create the base of the structure.

Step 2: Body

Next create the body of the structure.

Step 3: Pistons

This is where the four Pistons are added. Be sure to use the correct number of spacers.

Step 4: Body + Base

The base should now be attached to the body.

Step 5: Gears

Now attach the gearing system to the back of the contraption.

Step 6: Sides

The sides of the body should now be built up with more pieces.

Step 7: Platform

The platform should be built as shown.

Step 8: Piston Arms

Extra pieces should be added to the bottom of the platform as shown in the picture.

Step 9: Platform + Body

The next step is to slide and attach the platform onto the body, connected the base of the platform with the pistons. Keep in mind that there are two blue spacers placed onto the platform support rails.

Step 10: Finishing

Pieces should be placed on top of the machine. You aw now finished. The contraption can be used by spinning one the rods near the base of the model. The platform should then move up and down at a rapid pace.



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