K'nex Rack (CD & DVD)

Introduction: K'nex Rack (CD & DVD)

do you want to showcase your own DVD, CD, or game collection, but don't want to spent a penny on some fency frame or what might not PLUS that you apparently have some k'nex that you don't use for something else?
if you answered yes, then this is your calling!
come and see what free options life has you to offer.

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Step 1: Gathering Parts

a lot of parts, so a lot of counting.
as you can see in the picture there are exactly 265 pieces needed for the standard version.
I'm not lazy, so here is the ingredient list:

-15x black rods
-2x silver rods
-48x metallic blue rods
-85x dark grey rods
-18x metallic green rods

-4x 3-way connector
-2x straight connector
-12x 5-way connector
-6x 8-way connector
-41x 3d 4-way connector
-31x 3d 7-way connector

-2x Y-clips

Step 2: The Base Section

alright, finally it's building time.
you need one base for each shelf.
I've made clear photos so you can easily see how to make it.
the middle en top are almost identical, but differ slightly, stay sharp!

Step 3: The Middle Section

time to build more.
you can make this part as much as you like.

Step 4: The Top Section

we're almost at the end, practically and figuratively speaking.

Step 5: Extra & Tips

oh yeah, some bonus content.

-the first tip is that you can make one for a small size, or very high, like 10m if you have a lot of DVD's!

-another tip, a very important one, is that to fully support amiibo, there is a patch needed. unlike Nintendo, you don't need wifi ;)

-last tip is to put your VHS tapes on the base section instead of higher up, or something might brake, ouch! don't worry for DVD or CD weight, there is fix with better support for them.

that's all for today.
got some tips? please, let me know!

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    7 weeks ago

    I might make this for my bro!


    Reply 4 years ago

    thanks ;) I had to make this out of necessity :p