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Hello Viewers, and welcome to my final entry for the K'nexRods and Connectors Contest

Today I bring you my K’nex shopping trolley. It can hold quite a lot of weight without it collapsing and it can move! Instructions will be coming soon and I will be adding special additions to it also in the instructions such as a working toddler seat and bouquet stand.

I thought that if you are going shopping, go in style! I will start mass production soon :-)

Please give it a vote in the contest, If one person votes, it will make my day!

EDIT - The new pictures have been uploaded

Credit goes to nerfrocketeer for the idea (hey that rhymes!) and goldninjahalo and Cookie Monstar.



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    3 years ago

    Shopping trolley with blue mullets guns inside... o_0


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much for your nice comment. I built it in the space of one week (In order for it to be entered in last years contest). :-)

    I'm glad you like it! :D


    Hahaha this is AWESOME!!! And what are you talking about? Those pics are great! I didn't know Ipads had such good cameras! Great job! TWBF. (I'll explain what this means when it happens). ;)

    8 replies

    Haha, I know right btw the new pictures are uploaded! :-) You have got me very curious what TWBF means....My guess is the last 2 words mean 'be featured'? Also CONGRATZ on getting featured twice while I went on holiday! The basket ball hoop was genius :-) I think you will win a prize in the contest for sure, keep up the good work dude


    They look great! Love the product placement! :P

    Oh yeah... Now I realize this could mean something else too... (No it doesn't mean "won't). Well "W" means WILL in case you were doubtful. :/ :P Otherwise you are correct!

    Thanks! It was pretty cool! (Being featured).

    I hope you had a fun vacation! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

    Thanks for your prediction! Your cart and whisk and table will definitely be your ticket to a prize as well! ;)

    And of cpurse, I've already voted! :)


    Thanks, btw I put your name in the credits =D and yes I had a awesome vacation!(also, if its not yet featured by now, I don't think it will get featured at all)


    Thanks! That's too bad. :( It was feature worthy though. Maybe If it does well in the contest it will be featured!

    It's just really cool, so it's MaGiCaL, I guess. I kind of like to alternate caps for no reason. It represents RiSiNg InFlEcTiOn in my voice. :P