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About: I enjoy archery, knives, and building weapons. I used to build with K'nex.


I appreciate your feedback about this, even if it is negative.

Yo Knex'ers. Me again, with my latest gat. A simple gun that can fire oodammo, fin ammo, or any rod. Capable of shooting 8 green rods at once, this is a indoor war beast. It has a pin guide to help keep the pin stable and a very comfy handle. Credit to Dark Owl as the front part of the gun is based on his TR. So get building. When my corgi saw it, he just tried to fall back asleep, so I dunno if I can call it corgi approved.




Somewhat piece efficient.

Quite light.

Looks decent.


Tube and stick barrel.

Shotgun or rifle in one.

Strong trigger.

Flexible, but not flimsy.


One cut rod.

Pin guide is not the best.

Slow reload if you use shotgun ammo.


Handles 3-4 #64s.

Oodammo shoots 70 feet with 3 bands.

Fin ammo range is untested.

Yellow rods shoot 70 with 3 bands.

8 green rods shoot 40-50 feet with three bands.

5 white rods shoot 50+ feet.


Step 1: Parts List.

Dude, my dog is back! Now what do you think of that?!

Green rods: 94

White rods: 46

Blue rods: 10

Black rods: 4

Yellow connectors: 60

Orange connectors: 34

Red connectors: 12

Green connectors: 5

Blue connectors: 2

Grey connectors: 6

Grey clips: 16

Tan clips: 4

Blue clip: 1

Ball socket half: 1

Hinge: 1

Y clip: 11

Blue spacer: 14

Silver spacer: 9

# 64: 5 (+ 1 for the pin.)

#32: 2

Etape. (For pin.)

Cut white rod: 1

Step 2: Handle.

Yo, build it.

Step 3: Build a Body Workshop.

Welcome to the workshop. Get building. This is how to build the pin.

Step 4: Bands.

Step 5: Finished!

You are finished! Grab the oodammo and have some fun!

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1 year ago

what does it shoot video doesn't work

Thank you! He is actully a Corgi, but his coloration is different then normal. At least half the people who see him think it's a German Shepard. :)

sonic broom

3 years ago on Introduction

I may make this if i get the time. i'm going to get some cyber knex! today to use for the contest so i will be working with those for some time and then i plain to make some more guns after i get some other projects going. oh and how's your new gun coming along?

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Cool! The pin guide on this is pretty meh, but in the picture see how there are two tan clips on a white rod? Make sure the tab on one of the is facing inward. This will keep the pin guide from moving as much. If you are willing to wait, my NAR Competitor has a better trigger, better pin guide, stronger barrel, and a more filled in stock. If you want the shotgun effect from this gun on my Competitor, just change the bullet lock to be like on this. I'll try to get the ible up right after the contest starts.

If the new gun you are talking about is my Competitor, it is finished, and if you are talking about my mini version of it, that is working very well. I want to post the Competitor first, so I can use parts from it to finish up the micro TR.

2015-03-28 13.28.46.jpg

It is going to be named the Wrecktangle Competitor. (Yep, Wrecktangle is one of the NAR's many names.)

I really doubt it will be confusing. I take outdoor pics of all my guns, and my style and color scheme is different. Jonny doesn't even build competitors anymore.

Okay that sounds like a good name. i did not get the Cyber Knex after all I have to wait tell next week. So i will have some guns up after i finish some other Knex stuff. Also have you built the WASP from Red's pictures and video?

Knextremely stupid

3 years ago

New 'ible up my best design! so far the only breech loaded internal mag Knex sniper

I have not embedded a youtube vid to ibles, but this might help.


3 years ago on Introduction

~(._.~) (~._.)~
This is one cool gun... simple yet awesome!

Nice dog too :P what breed is it? I'm thinking German Shepard.