Knex Shotgun (not Officially Posted)

Introduction: Knex Shotgun (not Officially Posted)

About: I make youtube videos now and i don't make instructables at all anymore. I've been into RC for over 4 years now and have had a stampede vxl, E-Revo, savage flux 2350, savage xs, tamiya cc01, scx10's, a wrait...

This type of hammer mech idea was made by 1337metalX. i give him credit for the hammer idea. and i give full credit to knex gun tuterials (his youtube name) for the mag idea. it does not fully work yet. this is what its supposed to do. shoot up to 5 rounds, quick fireing, good accuracy, and good distance.

comment if i should keep on modding it.

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    I built something like this about a year ago and the trigger + hammer exploded because I had too many bands on it XD But it did shoot a good 50-60 ft with like NO accuracy XD That old project was not related to this gun.