Knex Show Car : Gangster Mobile

About: I have a strong passion for cars so you will see a lot if car related things

One if my many demolition cars that I scrap and make show cars because of faults and pieces falling off every hit

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Step 1: Get These Pieces

6 yellow rods and connectors
4 grey 3D connectors
4 light grey connectors
6 yellow rods and connectors
4 small wheels
4 green rods and connectors
12 baby blue rings
12 white rods
10 blue rods
4 tan connectors

Step 2: Make the Frame

Just follow the pictures then continue

Step 3: Add the Wheels and Bumpers

Follow the pictures and duplicate for the other side

Step 4: Add the Supports and the Pipes

The supports will go in the only empty spot in the green connectors. Then put the blue rods in the light grey connectors then hook them to the whites on the bottom of the frame

Step 5: The End

Thank you for making the Gangster mobile and if there are any show or demolition derby cars you made make a comment to the link to I can see if it up to my standards



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