Knex Simple Pistol

Introduction: Knex Simple Pistol

My first knex gun

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Step 1: Pieces You Need

pieces you need

2 gray
1 red
4 white

16 gray
6 orange
2 white

Step 2: Base

This is the base of the gun

Step 3: Handle

This is the handle

Step 4: Loading

Step 5: First Way to Shoot

first way to shoot

 pic 3. u pull out the gray rod and put it under the hole on the gray connecter

Step 6: Second Way to Shoot

You take the elasitc and bring it down to the second orange (keep elastic in the yellows)
pull out on the gray with the orange on it and put the green in. realse for second shot


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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    you push down on the part you pulled out so its kind of like a trigger