K'nex Single Shot Pistol




Introduction: K'nex Single Shot Pistol

So this is my knex single shot pistol, i made it about a hour or so, the gun itself was inspired by knex_lover's "Cool Single Shot" and Mepain's War Rifle.The gun fires knex-lover's canadammo or any knex rod,The gun range wise would get around 40-45 ft flat, but thats just an estimate.
So i hope you guys like it, remember to subscribe.=)



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    i especcially like the simple, lightweight stock, and the way that you have kept connector sides with the non stick tube barrel. Add a mag somehow and youve got a great sidearm! 4*

    No, when I read your comment, I thought the "back part" was the barrel, not the ram guide. So I corrected myself. I got your comment confused.

    I got your comment confused. The back part is needed, I suppose.

    Make it connector barrel, not sitck-tube. Other than that, remove that back part (if it's not really needed) and it should be fine.

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