Knex Single Shot Pistol



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Hi, I have made a simple, single shot, pistol, that can fire any rod type(yellow fires best tho)

Step 1: Barrel

Btw it doesn't have to be exact you can do all white or all yellow no difference other than look
Put trigger after putting 4 white/yellow on(trigger is orange connector with white and blue rod on it)

Step 2: Handle

Pic 1: make 3 of these
Pic 2: connect at top using a white rod

Step 3: Handle + Barrel

Attach the handle to the barrel using red rod nub

Step 4: Ram

Put an orange connector on a red rod. Then tape the orange connector to the red rod(if you want over 1 RBs)

Step 5: Body+Ram

Put the ram in the back hole of the barrel, and do the rubber bands

Step 6: Done!

Now go shoot.... something or someone lol
Oh yah, and credit to oblivitus for the handle



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