K'nex Slide Action Pistol - SAP1




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I was looking on this site a bit, and I noticed there aren't many slide-action pistols that look good and function good at the same time. While this gun is single-shot, it is quite powerful, and can easily reach 45-50 feet. I'm very proud of it and will post instructions of this after I am done with the instructions for my K'nex rifle, The Destroyer. This pistol might not look as well as some, but in my opinion, it's on of the best looking slide-action pistols on the site, (that's just my opinion. =D). Hope you like it, and I hope you build it when I get the instructions out. :) Here are some Pro's and Con's.



Slide action, so faster loading.

Powerful 45-50 feet.

Handle is pretty comfy.

Looks awesome.


Trigger can slip out if it is pulled too far back. I am working on a stopper for that, though.

If there isn't a rubber band on the slide, it can fall out.


Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. I'd appreciate it, and it helps me improve upon my builds.



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