Knex Slingshot Pistol

This is a slingshot pistol i designed using I am Canadians striker pistol mech . It gets 35 feet . Part list. Connectors Yellow connectors 18 Red connectors 7 White connectors 3 Green connectors 1 Orange connectors 5 Y connectors 2 Light Grey connector 1 Dark grey connector 1 Rods Green rods 39 White rods 27 Spacers Grey spacers 1 Blue spacers 2

Step 1: The Frame.

Build 2 of these one with out the white rods

Step 2: The Internals.

Build these

Step 3: Adding the Internals.

Put these parts in almost done!

Step 4: Add the Other Side of the Frame On

It is easier to add on when you take apart the second frame then put it on piece by piece.

Step 5: Adding Rubber Bands

You will need to double up a rubber band most likely to do this grab a rubber band and turn one end clockwise then fold it on its self. I used 64 an 32 type rubber bands

Step 6: Making Ammo and Firing

Pull rubber bands back to white connector and put the ammo in the top aim and fire.



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