Knex Smg Reaper

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

First off imagine this weapon with a stock well that's how it started but we all know I can't build stocks so smg' work for me

The reaper has surprising stats as listed

Range 30-45 ft
Power ok
Accuracy good enough
Looks you decide
Reliability unbreakable

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Step 1: Stuff

After receiving a rather mean email from a certain someone saying my stuff sucks and I should stop posting well I won't do that so here it is as specially asked for the reaper

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    7 Discussions

    Lucas The Boss

    4 years ago

    You are really improving, DO NOT stop building you have way to much talent to stop, just much more to learn.

    1 reply
    Knextremely stupid

    4 years ago

    What flaws can u find for me to fix and make it better?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks very nice! Good sights, looks, and front grip. You are getting much better.

    Who ever sent that email must have not been very nice... I wounder who it was?