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Introduction: Knex 100ft Sniper

Hello fellow instrucables users! After 3 months of developing, I have finally obtained an effective sniper rifle. It is not a build, as it's design was made up.

I'm not posting it, just wanting to show u, and inspire u to become or improve your knexing skills. Now, what really matters, the stats ;

Uses ram rod mech, which I built mine from aluminium, to support more power
1.24m of height, (4.06ft) 1.5kg of weight (3.3 pounds), and it has 3 layers.

At hip height, at 35°, I got 100 ft of range, (30 meters), using a blue rod, mag fed. The mag holds 10 rods, plus one in the barrel. Its size can be be adapted.

Its butt stock is in a v shape, so it locks on the shoulder, right ahead is the cheek rest. It contains 2 sights, the pro scope, from Bushnell, and regular iron sights on the bottom for close range.

An object the size of a Cereal box can be hit up to 40 ft easily, using the scope, making it a very accurate knex rifle.

Its trigger is light and strong. The gun contains 3 fore grips, the first is inclined and is ideal for sniping while laying down, then comes a horizontal one which is universal, and ahead of the mag there is an extension of it, ideal for bigger people.

Finally there's the carrying strap and a foldable and expandable bipod, which can be put away by swinging forward and clicking onto barrel.

The last pics are older versions and some jokes. Hope u like it and comment please!



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    4 years ago

    100 ft with a blue rod magazine and 3 layers?
    The impossibility of that has been scientifically proven

    3 replies

    anything is possible, especially when a metal ram rod is used and rubber tubing instead of rubber bands ?

    In that case, it is possible, but still very hard to achieve. The power of rubber bands (or tubing) is seldom big enough to achieve ranges of over 100ft, unless it would've been a slingshot, which it isn't.

    thanks a lot Knex.X, i didnt trust my guns performance before, but now what u said is true, getting more than 100 ft in a non slingshot mech is really hard.

    It looks intimidating and sturdy for a 3 layered gun. But why is the part that the scope sits on angled downwards?
    Also, as The Racker said, the barrel should be shorter. Sure, it looks cool, but it generates a lot of friction, especially in a 3 layerd gun like this one.
    Pretty good job, but could use a bit of work.
    Also, the last 4 pictures are unrelated :/

    2 replies

    wow THE dr richtofen saw my gun! anyways down to work, since i put 2 aluminium bars , crossing the whole gun for reinforcement, making it as sturdy as a rock. the part of the scope didnt exist before, as i only used iron sights, so that connection was useless. the angle is because of the way i attached, so i can compensate for the bullet drop. what i mean is that if the scope were mounted on a horizontal trail, it wouldnt be effective for higher ranges.
    i passed bike oil on the barrel, and it did the trick for me,yes i know a shorter barreled sniper would be better, but not a true, 100 ft range for a ram rod mech is pretty good huh? dr, thanks a lot for the comment .
    ps the last 4 pics are just random humor.

    You're welcome :)
    The angle of the scope makes sense, now that you explained it.
    Bike oil is an interesting solution to the friction problem, though I myself wouldn't use it. 100 feet range for a 'standard mag' fed ram rod is indeed pretty good,

    thats true, ill put a profile one ,thanks
    ps: im probably building your blowback pistol soon, is its range good compared to mine (check it out, handle mag pistol?

    Shorten up the barrel to a minimum, make it bolt action to reduce mag friction, and make a really strong trigger so you can pack on the bands with that aluminum rod. It probably has more pin pull and more mass than plastic, so I want to see how it performs.

    1 reply

    thanks man, i have other knex guns with short barrels already so i wanted to make a good true sniper. 100 ft final range