Knex Sniper Rifle



About: Hi Im luke Or luke11wolf. I love building stuff out anything, especially knex. I like airsoft, sports, guns and wolfs are awesome. I know right aren't they awesome. c'mon agree, they're so awesome right. The...

this is my sniper, it is acurate, good shooting 60ft, and comfy.



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    Not all knex snipers are fake. A true knex firing pin sniper, according to DJ Radio is the NAR. The only "real" sniper ive ever made would be my Creeping Death series I think.

    DJ Radioluke11wolf

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The only reason I say the NAR is a true knex sniper is because it gets insane ranges. Slingshots like the SRv2 would qualify too.