The Special Knex Sniper Rifle



My sniper is a mix of a AWP and many other snipe rifles. I completely destroyed my thumbs while building it. I personally think it looks pretty good but i could make it look better if i had more pieces. For example, the muzzle and the stock. This gun shoots orange connectors to purple connector bullets.

Pros: -Shoots really well if you put enough elastics

-Comfortable grip and barrel

-Looks good (I think)

Cons: -The stock and muzzle are a bit fragile

-Takes a while to reload

-The scope can sometimes be in the way of the bullet

PS: I am a 12 year old kid, so if i can create this, you can build it! :)

Step 1: The Body

The body consists of 5 layers. The bullet is propulsed from there (under the scope).

Step 2: The Stock

The stock is only attached to the two last layers of the 5 layer body. It doesn't use a lot of pieces wich is good because i'm running low om them.

Step 3: The Muzzle and Barrel

The muzzle can be made longer but i don't have any orange connectors left. You can customize the barel by taking off the "wheels" wich in this case are use as grip.



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    Reply 1 year ago

    Only if i had more pieces i could make an actual bipod, stock and muzzle