Knex Sniper Scope

Introduction: Knex Sniper Scope

This is my posted sniper scope i hope you guys like it also remember toRATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Step 1: Getting Materials

16 White connectors
11 Red Connectors
6 Gray Connectors
4 Orange Connectors
8 Y Clips
4 Gray Rods
4 Yellow rods
4 Red rods

Step 2: The Scope Base

Make All pics

Step 3: Making the End Piece


Step 4: Adding Rods

Step 5: Putting Together

Did any body make it yet if so show some pics.

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    8 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    okay i made it and attached it to my mighty srv-2, i am asking for permission to post the gun with 10% credit to slimshaddy (you) for the sight, 30% credit to lowney for the mech, 30% credit to killerk for the grip and trigger and 30% to destroyo5457 (me) for the barrel and stock. tell me what u think. - thanks, Josh

    Jeez enough of the crappy scopes already. I made the best looking one and that's that.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    considering you used tape also it aint all that good