Knex Sniper V.6 With Vid


Introduction: Knex Sniper V.6 With Vid

About: Retired from instructables now. I am going over to YouTube so check me out at "knextreme productions"!

Ok so I wanted a unique and versatile mech that doubles as both a breech load mech with an integrated mag

Basically it is a breech loaded internal mag

Vids just check them on my YouTube channel
named jared Bussard

Google "jared Bussard YouTube knex" then videos you will find them

Step 1: What We Think We Make

Step 2: What We Actually Make

No offense to whoever made this but well.. We all start somewhere



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    This is nice! but i would suggest that you take a little clearer picture of the gun.

    Lol heh that's a first because I'm as slow as a Retarted kid trying to swim in molasses

    Thx Man I hope I can improve the design
    But I wish more people saw my stuff so people like blue mullet and the such can innovate on ut

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    Really cool, I like it! Not sure if it is the first, but I can't think of one like it, so great job!

    You can't add YouTube videos from the app. Not even with code.

    Try the free Puffin web browser. You can access the desktop version with it, and add your video that way.