Knex Sniper/Assault Rilfe



It can shoot thirty feet and is also good for cqb. it is highly effective. Has added on scope, fore grip, and ak-47 sights. 



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    LOL. By definition, a knex sniper should have the capability to shoot ammo at a base minimum of 85ft and a minimum of like 55ft. The only sniper for cqb I think would be the NAR, since its not long or heavy like most of the other snipers; even then the low ROF would let you down especially if you have a hard time pulling back more than 8 #64 bands. Even if you could pull them back quick, you would only get 1 round fired every 4 seconds or so because of singe shot.

    I know. =) Especially if the NAR has more than 12 bands on it (16 is the known max; although there are rumors of a couple that had 20 bands on it) and if the ammo is sharpened; it would go right through you or get stuck pretty good in you. And I dont have an NAR made right now.

    Ouch, sounds painful!
    And me neither. I had some sort of carbined NAR once, but I didn't made it properly, so the NAR-ram-thing didn't work properly, so I put an tr18/8 single turret mechanism in it, and it shot 40 metres, or about 133 feet. With 5 bands on it, the furthest I have ever got with an knex gun.

    BTW: are you working on something now?

    Right now I am still working on my one oodammo rifle, wont be too much longer until the forum topic about it gets updated. After the oodammo rifle is gone I might attempt a Mossberg 500.

    Nice, I have an SKS built now. It doesn't shoot, but has an working bolt/slide charging thing. And it has an 'trgger' you can pull, and than an latch opens to ejet shells on the bottom, like the real one. If you want pictures, just ask

    Here you go (:
    1= full gun
    2= stock, handle section
    3= main body
    4= front barrel/gas pipe thing with front sights
    5= slide thing opened, it shows the shells you can insert (you saw those things in one of my earlier ibles)
    6= shell ejection latch opened up
    7= with bakebitz's ( I think he made it first) red dot sight
    8= looking down the red (green) dot sight
    9= my beretta 90-two airsoft pistol I got with christmas


    Thanks =D. The bar on top of the sight is also teal :)
    I got the y-con in a random box of K'nex I got this christmas, along with some red y's and some panels and like 5~6 hinges and lots of yellow connectors and other usefull stuff =D

    Thats great. =) I have 1 red Y con, 1 blue Y con, a few silvers, and an orange one; other than all those little black ones.

    Nice! where'd you got the silver ones? I have 2 red y's, 2 teal ones, the rest are black. I also got 3/4 knexmens in the box, I think the colored y's are from them

    I have no idea where I got the silver ones, ive had my knex for such a long time I wouldnt know. I think I have a few knexmen too, not sure.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    More like a pistol with a long barrell, wire stock and scope.