K'nex Spas-12





Introduction: K'nex Spas-12

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello k'nexers! This is the spas-12 I made recently. It is single shot, and looks pretty good (imo)

Some pros and cons;
- looks good
- good enough power (about 8~10 metres range)
- Comfortable
- Bullet lock

- single shot
- needs more power

Video and photos of folding stock and other changes will be up in a few hours
****Credit for the trigger goes to The Racker***



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    Thanks! Yeah, this was mostly built for the looks, and The Rackers trigger just fitted in good, so I used that

    I would post instructions today, but I'm not gonna do that anymore today. A friend came to me and I just came home from my grandparents.
    I'll probably post instructions tomorrow, or monday.