Knex Spinning Car

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This is my second instructable and its a car thing that turns and you can detach the front to make it go straight.

Step 1: Part Count. Now We Have to Get the Parts!

gray: 1
red: 1

White: 2
Tan: 4
gray: 7


Wheels and gears:
1 giant yellow gear
6 smallest wheels
2 largest wheels
1 medium wheel.

Step 2: The Front That Spins the Car

1. put a tan connector on the gray rod.
2. add 6 small wheels and one huge one. these are weights.
3. add another tan connector.
4. add a huge yellow gear and cap the end with a grey connector.

Step 3: The Motor and Wheels.

1. add three gray connectors and a big wheel.
2. add a tan connector.
3. add a white connector.
4. put the motor together.
5. put on another white connector and a tan one.
6. put on the other wheel and add on 3 more gray connectors.

Step 4: Putting It Together.

1. put in the front attachment to make it turn.
2. take it out to make it go straight.
3. if you want it to turn less, take out the yellow gear tan connector and big wheel. then put the tan connector back on and put the large gear on it then cap off the end of the rod.



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