Knex Spiral/Circle Maker

Introduction: Knex Spiral/Circle Maker

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This machine is one that makes spirals and circles on paper. I mostly use this machine for fun, but the designs from it could be useful if you do some thinking. If you want it to go a little faster, you could put a grey motor in it, or gear the green motor down. I didn't, cause this way is way more simple, and the speed is fast enough for me.

Step 1: Parts Count

These are all the parts you will need to make this machine:


White - 25

Yellow - 5

Purple 3D - 36

Green - 8

Red - 12

Dark Grey - 4


Yellow - 1

White - 46

Green - 83


Y-Clip - 2

Tan Clip - 1

Blue Spacer - 1

Markers/Pens (more about this on step 5)

Step 2: Motor Case

The first step to making this machine is building the case that holds the motor. If you don't have enough pieces, you can modify the case so it doesn't take as much. The way I do it uses more pieces, but it looks better and more complete, but it doesn't need to have that much.

Step 3: Motor Time!

Now it is time to get the motor into the case! This part is really easy, it is just putting the motor in and snapping the case together.

Step 4: Paper Holder

This is the part that holds the paper. Like the case, there doesn't need to be this many pieces on it, but the more pieces you have on it the smoother your spirals will be. (up to a point)

Step 5: Adding the Paper

Now you are as good as done! All you need to do yet is get your paper and put it in, and get out your pens/markers. I like using lots of different colors, and switching around some, cause it makes the final result look way better than just one color.

Although I don't have it here, I highly recommend using think paper or thin cardboard (like cereal box cardboard) and put it between the paper and the paper-holder. With it is is easier, more fun, and it makes better circles and spirals than if you don't have it in. (I compare with and without on the last picture)

Step 6: Done!

You have finished the spiral art machine! Great job!

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    13 Discussions

    cool why dont you try make one one one that can draw zig zags

    1 reply

    Also, I've voted. Kepp up the good work!

    If you don't mind a newbie like me saying so, could you try making a marker holder above the rest of the structure attached to the base?

    5 replies

    I thought of that. I haven't really tried it, and it might work and be awesome, but I think it would be hard, really hard to build. To make it any good, you would have to make it so it can swivel around. Also you would have to make the marker holder adjustable, but still have a strong hold. So it would be cool, but hard. I might try it, though.

    2 rubber bands at different places to attach the marker to a rod that's suspended from an overhang attached to the base? I can try and send photos.

    Yeah I tried, and I got pretty close! I think I can maybe do it, but I haven't finished it yet.

    Yeah, I will! If you have one that works, post pics please. My idea is not working out very well.