Knex Stakeout Shotgun




Introduction: Knex Stakeout Shotgun

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This is my first ever model i made and i think the first model of a stakeout. I got the idea when i was taking a break from building and played some cod black ops zombies!!!! I got the stakeout and just kicked butt with it and just loved it and decided to build it. Sorry for the blurry pics
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    22 Discussions

    where is the instructions

    he made a stakeout i made a raygun plz check it its my irst instructable i also made a mp40 but i am thinkin of postin it after 2 or 3weeks

    buh bye

    It is not a 'Stakeout'. That is a name that Treyarch gaming dubbed it with. In reality, it is an Ithaca-37.

    It does fire not good but i didnt focus on the shooting or mechanisms i focused on the looks more than anything

    It is the last picture of the slideshow so pls change your rating. Thanks