K'nex Super Sniper (S.S.)




Introduction: K'nex Super Sniper (S.S.)

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Made on a special request.

My most powerful gun.
Penetration ALOT.
Effective range up to 40 feet.(20 meters)

Slow reload time.
Single shot.

Step 1: Body

Step 2: Handle & Stock

Step 3: Scope

Step 4: Mechanizm

Step 5: *OPTIONAL* Bipod

is better without bipod because is weak

Step 6: Loading

Is hard; follow pics.

Step 7: Snipe Anyone or Anything You Want



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    works amazing, 'works' instead of looks, but it still looks good

    Nice your guns keep getting better, ill build this and improve the looks and function

    3 replies

    I guess all I'm keeping is the concept I am changing everything but I will still give you credit