K'nex Supernova Ball Machine Instructions

Introduction: K'nex Supernova Ball Machine Instructions

  This ball machine is my first model that uses the white floor to funnel the balls to the lift. The lift is a wheel lift which is a larger than usual one that uses many pieces but still works. This machine has three paths. Enjoy building and as a warning, this instructable is not for the faint of heart. . It only took me a couple days to design this. I just build on the top of my head and this is what came out. Only two balls can occupy this machine at a time because of a long reset period at the end of path one, my favorite element. There are over 4,500 pieces in this model as well. This may take you a little while especially step 2 which may be difficult but it is almost built the same as the original lift.

Step 1: Piece Count Time!

You can skip this if you don't care about a piece count:)


Grey: 23
Red: 159
Yellow: 185
Blue: 664
White: 438
Green: 951


White: 206
Purple 3d: 195
Yellow: 372
Gold Track Connectors: 27
Green: 22
Orange: 89
Red: 193
Light Grey: 55
Dark Grey: 178


Medium wheel With Tread: 1
Small Wheel With Tread: 1
Red Gear: 11
Blue Gear: 11
Large Snap-On Wheel: 1
Purple Flexi-Rod: 5
Orange Flexi Rod: 4
Orange Track Rod: 4
Tan Red Rod: 1
Green Motor: 1
Silver Spacer: 179
Blue Spacer: 154
Tan- Lock Clip: 39
Blue Clip: 31( Some can be substituted)
Y-Clip: 60
Golden Splice: 3
Gold Tubing: 2 Strips
Knex Balls: 2


Good Luck Building!

Step 2: Base and Lower Framework

This is where the white floor will be attached to and also holds the yellow return path.

Step 3: The Wheel Lift (Main Support)

This step may make you turn your back towards the project but take breaks if necessary and take your time looking at the pictures. This is the hardest step in the instructable. There are bonus pictures at the end of the step since the second half of the lift isn't that good at different views. 

Step 4: White Floor Ball Return

The second largest step. Take your time. This is a white-connector hog as well! 

Step 5: More Supports

The last step until the paths.

Step 6: Path 1

My favorite path. The last element in the path I got lucky on in terms of it properly working.

Step 7: Path 2

The semi-double path.

Step 8: Path 3

The last short  path featuring a little element I came up with by pure accident, a ball arm that when the ball falls out, it "hops" out landing on a track below. After that, congratulations on making this ball machine and thank you for viewing!

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    Thanks, what ever happened to the rating system? Did instructables take it off?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! It looks very clean and neat. Keep it coming with those awesome builds.