Knex Suspension Tuck Mods

Introduction: Knex Suspension Tuck Mods

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 this is my 3rd instructable. Checkout the slide.

Step 1: The Back Bumper and Hitch

1. Build this
2. Build
3. Take the thing from pic 1(tailgate)
4. attach as shown
5. Side view
6. Clip the bumper to the gray rod of the tailgate
7. Side view note the green rods
8. Make hitch under tape is green rod attaching the gray connector and ball joint
9. Attach

Step 2: Trailer

This is for sure the longest step.

1. Make this
2. Build this
3. Close up of the edge
4.  Make this mirror of pic 2
5. These are both of them
6. Build this
7. Make this ( Note the Differences of placement of gray connectors)
8. Here are them side to side
9. Build the bottom look closely
10. The bottom of the bottom note the green rods on the corners
11. Close up note where the hitch attaches
12. Build this
13. Make 2
14. Closer
15. Another close up 
16. Do the same for the other end
17. The full wheel
18. Both of them
19. Attach as shown
20. Close up
21. Note the green rods
22. Add the thing from pic 12
23. Close up
24. Other side
25. Attach the doors
26. Add a side
27. Close up
28. Add the other one
29. Add the front
30. Close up
31. Close up of the other side
32. Attach the hitch
33. Take a red rod and hold the doors closed
34. Put it all the way into the yellow connecter

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    10 years ago on Introduction

     That's pretty cool and it looks good. If you have any other mods make sure to post them. Good work.