Knex Sword: Balance Breaker

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Check it out! A sword! A KNEX sword!

Here we have two versions of the Balance Breaker, the longsword and the shortsword (with a bonus dagger, The Haemotophage!) Check it out!

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Step 1: Short Sword Close-ups

The only real difference between the short and long version is the blade, meaning the handles are identical. This means this small sword has a big hand grip and a weight balance closer to the handle, which gives you more defensive options! Highly recommended for close quarters combat.

Step 2: Longsword

Ah, I see you're a human of good taste. This longsword is the true friend of the duelist, giving you the range to maneuver, and the speed to strike. However....the length makes it kind of bendy, so less good on defense.

Step 3: Bonus Dagger!

While a smart rogue usually prefers a weapon with a little more subtlety, the Haemotophage feels no need to hide! This brightly colored dagger feeds on bloodshed, so the more use it gets, the stronger it becomes. And the stronger you become! This one in is more acheivable for people with less parts.

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