Knex Sword Mark 1 (simplified Instructions)

Introduction: Knex Sword Mark 1 (simplified Instructions)

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Hey guys. It's been a while since my last instructable. Today I will show you the simplified instructions of Shadowpom's Knex Sword Mark 1. But before I begin. Thank you for 100 views on my last instructable. NOW LETS BEGIN!!!


Easy to build



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Step 1: Handle

If you are going without the handle, then how are you gonna hold your sword? I highly suggest you make a handle. NOW GET BUILDING!


6 grey rods

2 white connectors

1: get

2: connect white connector on grey rod. (be sure to look at pic on where to connect it)

3: add other white connector

4: add grey rod to next slot

5: add grey rod to next slot

6: skip one slot and add grey rod

7: add grey rod to next slot

8: add grey rod to next slot

Handle finished. ON TO THE NEXT STEP!

Step 2: Blade

Next step, The Blade! If you don't want a blade, then you will have a bladeless sword. GET GOING!!


4 green rods

6 grey rods

1 green connector

1 grey 2- slot connector

5 yellow connectors

1: get

2: pieces for tip of the blade

3: combine

4: pieces for blade section

5: make

6: repeat once more

7: add grey rods

8: tip + blade section

9: assemble

Blade finished

Step 3: Assembly

Now to put the two together NOW GET TO IT!!

1: get the sections

2 and 3: click grey rod ends into empty slots


Step 4: Coming Soon...

Sandroknexmaster's wheel lift will get simplified instructions. Just soon...

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    5 years ago

    OMG sandroknexmaster, why are not making any more knex ball machine lifts... If you have time to make a new ball machine call it " Sparkplug".