Knex T.R.A.P. Ten Round Assault Pistol

Hey, guys! This is my second instructable and I did this one on the knex T.R.A.P., or the Ten Round Assault Pistol. Hope you enjoy this review of my best gun I've ever built!

Step 1: The Handle and Trigger

The handle is sorta comfortable and is hard to make sturdy. if u look in the pic you can tell. The trigger was huge at first but I shrunk the trigger mech down twice and I got the one I have now.

Step 2: Magazine (not Removable)

The mag holds ten rounds (hence the name) and doesn't jam very often at ALL. It can be any size and could probably be extended to fifty rounds.

Step 3: Carry Handle

This carry handle is pretty cool and is part of the rear sight. It is like the nerf modulus ECS-10's carry handle. Makes the gun look a notch cooler too.

Step 4: Magazine Pusher

The magazine pusher makes the rounds go up once he ram is pulled back. Then when the ram is released it launches the round.

Step 5: Ammunition

The ammo this gun uses is Yellow Rods. The mag could be shrunken to use blue rods but I keep it at the yellow rods.



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    5 Discussions

    Lucas The Boss

    2 years ago

    Good to see some new builders around. You should try and use a more modern handle. Mabey some like on my guns.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Be sure to check out my other guns and such!


    2 years ago

    I like the carry handle idea and the name of the gun. Great build ;)