Knex TRUE Trigger Single Shot Oodammo Rifle

Introduction: Knex TRUE Trigger Single Shot Oodammo Rifle

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Hey guys, I have a new rifle for you. When I made this, it wasn't shooting all that great. Then I remembered someone saying that Oodammo was really good. So I used that, and it worked better.
Small(for a rifle)
Has attachments(will be on another ible)
Ok range(30-40 ft with 3 bands
Low piece count

Ok accuracy
Ok ergonomics
Wobbly stock

Ok, let's get to building!

Step 1: Fake Barrel


Step 2: Ram Rod

Tape needed. Do not use without tape(one without tape is so you know what pieces)

Step 3: Handle/stock Area

Pic 1: stock and handle
Pic 2: part that goes inside handle
Pic 3:how to put in handle

Step 4: Real Barrel

Pic 1: inside
Pic 2 out side
Pic 3: fully assembled

Step 5: Trigger


Step 6: Handle/Stock + Real Barrel

Pic 1: left side
Pic 2:right side

Step 7: Body + Fake Barrel


Step 8: Body + Trigger

Take off one side of the handle's top green connector and put in the trigger. Close back up after, then put on the trigger rubber bands

Step 9: Ram Rod

Put the ram rod in the hole In the back, and pull the trigger to get it all the way in. Then, use rubber bands.(rubber bands pic 2)

Step 10: Done!

Gj you made my knex gun yayyyyyyyyy

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    2 years ago

    This seems like a very good beginners gun