Knex TV Stand

About: Hi, I'm KneXtreme. I'm a Christian and I'm home schooled. I love to build with almost anything especially knex. I also do Taekwondo and collect coins. Just so you know, I don't hang around youtube ...

We had put our big 32 "TV in storage and we wanted to get it out again. But we didn't have a TV stand to put it on. Solution? Knex!

The result is a really strong, 27 1/2" by 15" by 22 1/4" TV stand that (besides the TV of coarse) can hold; three speakers, one dvd player (If I had one), and one audio unit. As I said before, it's strong. Each shelf can hold up to 50 pounds (pics 10&11) with the top being able to hold up to 80 pounds before it starts to sag (pics 12-15). I even stood on it and I'm 150, and it still didn't break! That's because the pattern I used to build it (in my opinion) is the strongest way to build a knex structure. I also made surround sound speaker holders (pics 36-41).

Anyway, I took a lot of up close pictures for those of you who want to build it, or copy the pattern. Also, this is a temporary project. I plan on building a pallet TV stand as soon as possible because I want my Knex back }:-( So stay tuned for that.

If you like my project please vote for me. Thank you. Enjoy.


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    2 years ago

    (first pic) Oh yeah! By the way, is that windows media player (i.e. it's a windows PC hooked up to that display)?

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Love Wall-E. Generally, Pixar does a pretty good job with they're movies. You have to see Megamind, It's one of the funniest annimated movies ever.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah! WALL-E has a great plot, and yes I agree that Pixar does a good job :-). I will have to see Megamind for sure then!! :D

    I saw it last night! It was hilarious! It kept me laughing through the whole movie :) The animation was pretty cool too. Warning! The theme song is incredibly catchy. You'll be singing it for days.

    Yeah, by putting that movie out Lego practically admitted their small 90 pc $30 set could only build things from the intructions.