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Introduction: Knex TZKAR-18

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I finally got around to making a ZKAR for the first time. It was an amazing gun when it had the mag and bolt action, except when the ammo would end up too far from the pin to hit it. So I found my TR-18 turret from the TR-18 I had a while ago and put it on the ZKAR. It also has a wheel that allows the turret to wind up similar to the BR-8. And this gun can hold all 18 shots over a standard BR at the cost of a mutilated yellow connector. Now for some stats I suppose?

Good range = 35-55ft with 1 #64 band
Fast ROF

Mutilated part
Rarely will not shoot the ammo

Bakenbitz/GrandeSwag for the Swagboss front end
Zak for his ZKAR rifle base
TheRacker for the trigger mod



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    Could you tell me how you did the wind-up thing on an 18 Turret?

    Yea, I wanted to build a ZKAR so I chose yours because of how convincing the trigger looked; but the ammo would end up too far from the pin's striking range. So after many mods, I eventually ended up with this thing.

    It is too low. It may still work, but you are causing tons of friction. Have the back mounted the way I have mine.

    Ammo may have been doing that because the bullet lock was too weak. If you use Zak's original bullet lock it would work.

    Not sure if I will post or not, It will take a while to take apart; and you need a mutilated yellow con for it to work.

    Lol, that yellow connector is no problem for me, since I have over 15 broken -_- You can try to take it apart in parts?

    Lol, having over 15 broken yellows sounds not too good to me. Just kidding.

    I'll be waiting for it man!