K'nex Tec 9 (Retry)




About: I've been building things with my hands since I was two years old, today I plan on going to college to become an architect and design mostly houses and buildings.

This is a re-upload from my first (failed) attempt of a Tec 9 K'nex model. Pretty much the same principles of building as the last one, but this time we now have 3 pieces to modify in order for the design to work.

Step 1: The Body

This is how to build the body of the gun. Just follow the pictures and you won't have any problems. This is as simple as I can make it.

Step 2: The Barrel

This next part becomes more of a trick than what it started but you'll get the idea.

Step 3: The Trigger & Trigger Gaurd

From this point on, everything else with the model is short and simple to build.

Step 4: The Handle

Step 5: The Ammunition Mag



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