K'nex Tech Deck Stand (holds 8 Fingerboard Decks)

Introduction: K'nex Tech Deck Stand (holds 8 Fingerboard Decks)

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This TECH DECK stand will hold 8 decks... If correctly made. Good Luck

Please like tjis instructable if this helped you and it worked. Thank you

Step 1: Materials

K'nex! ( can be purchases at a local walmart, target, etc.)
You will need.....

x6 long thin blue sticks

x10 SMALL red connectors

x8 SMALL yellow short sticks

Good luck trying.

Step 2: Making the Base

To make the base... Connect a blue rod to each side of the red connectors. Then add a yellow small rod at the very top of the red connector.

Step 3: Starting the Stand

Apply the k'nex pieces so that it looks just like the picture. Repeat this until it has a total of 6 blue rods on the stand.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Finish product should like the following picture.

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