Knex Thin Gun

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Hi Guys this is my ultra powerful (4 its size) knex gun

shots 6-8 meters
semi-automatic reload

flimsy handle (not essential 2 have handle)

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Step 1: Piece Count

Green: 8
White: 2
Blue: 5
Yellow: None needed for the gun but this stick is ammo so as many as you like
Red: 0
Grey: 2

1 Joint: 2
2 Joint: 1
3 Joint: 6
4 Joint: 5
5 Joint: 1
8 Joint: 1
4 Joint and slot: 0
7 Joint and slot: 0

Silver Spacers: 7
Blue Spacers: 3
Ball Joint: 1

Step 2: Main Base

Follow Pics and any notes

Step 3: Trigger

Step 4: Ram

Step 5: Elastic Bands

Step 6: Bits and Bobs

Step 7: Handle

Step 8: Finished!

to turn it into a stand follow pictures
congrats uve finished!! to load and fire pull the long stick out the back (pic 4) put the bullet in (pic 5) press the trigger on the top

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    alot of tis type of gun has been made, no offense but this is the same, and it doesn't really matter if it works or not but go check out some true trigger guns and work from there.