Knex Toilet Roll Holder

Introduction: Knex Toilet Roll Holder

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This is a Knex toilet roll holder which is very easy to make and looks cool!

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Step 1: Piece List

These are all of the pieces you need to build the toilet roll holder.


Green- 0
White- 8
Blue- 25
Yellow- 12
Red- 38
Gray- 15


Yellow- 8
Red- 4
Purple 3D- 42
Blue 3D- 4
Gray 1-Slot- 1
Orange- 1
White- 2


Small wheels + Tyres- 7
Silver spacers- 6 (Or 18 Blue Spacers)

Step 2: The Stand

This is the stand, follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Make this
Picture 2- Add on
Picture 3- Add on
Picture 4- Add on
Picture 5- Add on another
Picture 6- Add on another
Picture 7- Make sure you have these on top.

That is the stand completed, now onto the holder...

Step 3: The Holder

This is the holder, follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Make this
Picture 2- Make this
Picture 3- Attach like so
Picture 4- Get that
Picture 5- Attach on like that
Picture 6- Attach that on

Step 4: The Holder Housing

This is the holder housing, follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Make this
Picture 2- Add on a red rod
Picture 3- Put that on
Picture 4- Attach that on
Picture 5- Make this
Picture 6- Attach on
Picture 7- Clip sides together
Picture 8- Attach 2 yellow rods like so.

Step 5: Assembling

This how to assemble all of the bits together, Follow the pictures.

Picture 1- Get the stand
Picture 2- Attach the 'holder housing' on top.
Picture 3- Attach the 'holder' to the housing and stand.
Picture 4- Another view of Picture 3.
Picture 5- Another view of picture 3.

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    14 Discussions


    4 years ago

    cool:) looks like it would fit perfectly on a ball machine xD


    7 years ago on Introduction

    have you found that it stays together? my 7 year old friend thinks that the knex falls apart fairly easily. it looks good, i'm hoping you say it's fine so i can make one!

    If you put a wheel on either side of the paper and make it motorized, it will become automatic dispensing! (I tried it)


    10 years ago on Introduction

     My toilet paper holder broke and this works great I modified it with a track so it hold about 6 rolls and dispenses them at the bottom.