Knex Tommy Gun Mag




Introduction: Knex Tommy Gun Mag

Now all K'nex guns can have that good old tommy gun feel

Please comment

Step 1: 1

Make 8 of these

you can use any color connector instead of the little green ones

Step 2: 2

connect the two if you made 2

Step 3: 3

finally make the attachment

Step 4: 4

you can keep rubber bands on the pegs that stick out



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    33 Discussions

    Can I put on how to make the actual tommy gun

    with this whole (2 part) drum mag you could make the Patriot (Machine gun) out of Metal Gear Solid 3: SNAKE EATER
    IT WOULD LOOK EPIC with the right shape (and size if you have enough knex)

    this would actually be useful on the minigun im making since i only have 4 chain links

    I made a dabble drum but it works make mugs and I mad a attach meant its confusing but it was tight

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    oh bugger ... i was excited because i thought it was working .. oh well im still intereted in what your doing .

    looks cool and i have an Idea so that this will actually work.

    did u actually read the print? it says now all knex guns can have a tommy gun feel, it just to make it look cool