Knex Transformer Devastator Part 3: Combination!

Introduction: Knex Transformer Devastator Part 3: Combination!

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The final instructable is here! Finally! This show how to combine them so enjoy! If anyone wants me to make a certain transformer just comment.

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Step 1: Scavenger

Step 2: Mix Master

Step 3: Overload

Step 4: Scrapper

Step 5: Hightower

Step 6: Long Haul

Step 7: Rampage

Note: all chain treads now

Step 8: Combination!

Scrapper connects by putting the pegs on scavenger into scrapers claw hand. The les can be set at a few angles but keep them like this so he doesn't fall apart easily.

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    7 Discussions


    It does seem like you took inspiration from the legends figure. Good job!

    Very nice work my friend. Would you please make INSTRUCTIONS for this.




    6 years ago on Introduction

    Holy cow, enough robots to level a small city....a really small city....the size of a living room floor. Yeah. Nice builds!


    6 years ago

    18efroese, I still waiting for my Blackout Transformer!