Knex Transformers Man Scout

Introduction: Knex Transformers Man Scout

This is my knex transformers man scout! He is my first transforming man! My inspiration came from knexarmy! Hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Chest, Head, Arms

Pic 1: Chest and Head and Arms Pic 2: Parts Pic 3: Build these an put the other pieces aside for Pic 4 Pic 4-7: build chest and head Pic 8: connect

Step 2: Wheels and Legs

Pic 1: Wheels and Legs Pic 2: Parts Pic 3: Build these Pic 4: Build this Pic 5: Use figures from Pic 3 and add them onto the blue rod and add the tires

Step 3: Connect Step 1-2

Pic 1: Step 1-2 Pic 2: Connect

Step 4: Transforming


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    6 years ago

    I need ideas for the man transformers for vehicle!