Knex Transformers Scout Motorcycle

Introduction: Knex Transformers Scout Motorcycle

This is my knex Transformers Scout Motorcycle! This is my first Instructable in a while so Enjoy!

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Step 1: Wheels and Legs

Pic 1: Wheel and Legs Pic 2: Build these Pic 3: Connect( make sure all spaces are on this side of the wheel) Pic 4: Done

Step 2: Chest and Head

Pic 1: Chest and Head Pic 2: Build these Pic 3: Connect

Step 3: Arms

Pic 1: Arms Pic 2: Build these Pic 3: Connect

Step 4: Step 1-3 and Transform

Step 5: Man Version

This is a man version of him! If you wanted the regular version, you are done. If you want to build this version too, complete the rest of the steps

Step 6: Part 1: Build Man

Pic 1: Build him

Step 7: Part 2: Adding Him on in Robot Mode

Step 8: Part 3: Adding Him in Vehicle Mode

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