Knex Transformers Scout




Introduction: Knex Transformers Scout

This is my Knex Transformers Scout! I call him Road Rage! He is my first instructable so make comments for more knex transformer instructions!

Step 1: Legs

Pic 1: Legs Pic 2: Parts list Pic 3: build these Pic 4,5: Connect them

Step 2: Chest and Head

Pic 1: Chest and Head Pic 2: Parts list Pic 3: Build these Pic 4: Connect them

Step 3: Arms

Pic 1: Arms Pic 2: Parts list Pic 3: build these Pic 4: slide the 2 figures onto the white rods Pic 5: slide the blue spaces and add a connector

Step 4: Weapons

Pic 1: Weapons, build them

Step 5: Connect Steps 1-4

Pic 1: step 1-4 Pic 2: connect

Step 6: Transforming

Enjoy! Look at pics!



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    I need ideas for vehicle forms

    I plan on making more this week!