K'nex Transforming 'Baby Face' to Headless Robot

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This 'transformer' I made was going to be called knex robot, but then I made it transform and changed the head so it looked like Baby Face from Bat-Man. I entered this in the "make it real challenge" so vote if you like it! This my 2nd instructable, so leave some helpful hints from you veterans who have made countless instructables. ;)

Step 1: The Body

this is the main body (duh).

Step 2: The Heads

I made a head, then change it to a smaller one so I could call it Baby Face.

Step 3: The Arms

These are the arms. The hardest part is the hinge, which is pretty easy.

Step 4: The Legs

The legs are even easier than the arms. you already know how to make the hinges, so it is really only making the 'shins' and 'feet.'

Step 5: The Stand

These is the stands I used to hold the individual parts and the entire thing. I didn't make a stand for just the main body because it stands on it's own. I only gave instructions for the entire body stand, but you should be able to put the rest together without them if you want to.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

This is when you take all the individual parts and put them together.



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    thanks. um, i jus made the head flip back, but the arms and legs come off easily, and the blue parts on top of the legs could slide up to become a box.