K'nex Triangle Tower




Introduction: K'nex Triangle Tower

This is the video that goes with the "K'nex - the other angle: triangle tower" instructable.
It shows my triangle tower I made in august 2009. It reached up to 9m 38cm.
More information on the youtube description and the instructable.



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    22 Discussions

    person 1: ALMOST DONE!
    person 2 :WHAT?
    person 2: WIF WHAT?
    person1:THE KNEX TOWER??!
    person 2: OKAY,IM COMING (*running running running*)
    person 1:THERE YOU ARE!
    person 2:YE!
    person2: IM GOING UP OKAY?
    person 1 NO W8 IT IS A FAKE.........BAM!
    person 2 (DEAD)
    person 1 (DIT KILL HIMSELF)

    THE END (this is a tthomasvd production)
    copyright 1998 2008 allright reservered

    (i dont know myself what is funny about this)

    1 reply

    Yeah, what's the reason for building with k'nex? It's about "how high can you get?" caus building a tower like this brings a lot of problems. And every time I try to get a bit higher. Ofcourse, it also depends on the amount of k'nex you have, but there are plenty of people who got way more then I do. During this year I got a few extra cases of k'nex, so I want to make it a bit more wind-proof this time. And I'm eager to see other people trying to make something like this.

    so you do this because you like competition, i still dont understand what made you decide to do it, i make many things as it is and im only 14 but i still dont get the point

    I like to build things big. Just like other people like to build the best gun or biggest ball machine. And maybe I want to impress a bit too XD

    of course u do

    i already saw u are a VERY good builder

    i think u might once can make a ball machine with 3 towers and 15 paths (and maybe 4 lift things)

    Very good, Clever triangle design, when you string the wind is less effective to the tower, you could build them even higher!!

    2 replies

    I recently bought a bunch of k'nex, so building a stronger base (so it doesn't tumble when the wind gets it's grasp on it) and go higher. 
    But the problems I'm having to go heigher is that it's getting impossible to do that by just holding up the tower to add the next section.
    Also, our backyard isn't a soccer field, so stuff starts to land at the neighbours too :s

     cool! i saw this on youtube awhile back!!!!! 5 stars!! :)

     Tha hell? i cant rate...your name, the subscribe button, the views is all mest up!
    Ill rate it some day, i promiss

     what do your neighbors say about this?
    Cool thing 4.5*
    not 5 because it doesnt do anything.
    Maybe a rail on the side or in de middle and a weak  but very long rubberband would make this the world largest mortar. just to give you an idea