K'nex Triple Target Set

Introduction: K'nex Triple Target Set

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This set is for anyone who has a gun and is ready to shoot it. This set contains flipping targets that when hit, will flip over and stay flipped over unless you remove what is blocking it, it contains paper targets, and it contains a platform where you can put objects that you want to shoot.

Step 1: Parts Required


gray: 40
white: 49
purple: 11
blue: 13
orange: 6
red: 4
yellow: 7


gray: 43
red: 8
blue: 7
green: 78
yellow: 1
white: 34


blue spacer: 61
gray spacer: 18
tan clips: 4

Step 2: Building

Pic. 1: Build this. Pic. 2: Another View. Pic. 3: Build this. Pic. 4-6: Another View. Pic. 7: Attach the two pieces together. Pic. 8-9: Another View. Pic. 10: Build this. Pic. 11-12: Another View. Pic. 13: Get these. Pic. 14: Attach the white rods with a gray spacer in it as shown. Pic. 15: Attach the white rods as shown. Pic. 16-17: Put the platform on as shown. Pic. 18: Attach the gray connecters as shown. Pic. 19: Put the gray spacers in the white rods and then attach the gray connecters as shown. Pic. 20: This step is your choice. You can make a target if you like or you don't have to. Pic. 21: Attach tape onto the paper as shown. Pic. 22: Attach the paper onto the target set. Pic. 23-26: Where the tape goes to attach the paper.

Now you are done! Enjoy!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! If anyone has any ideas for add ons to this target set, just tell me and I'll make an instructable for the add on.