Knex True Trigger (tomboyrme's Trigger) Gun




Introduction: Knex True Trigger (tomboyrme's Trigger) Gun

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Pretty powerful, Im not gonna say its amazing because its not but its good.

Step 1: Make the Gun

handle. one picture should be enough.

Step 2: Put It Together

fireing pin.

Step 3:

front grip

Step 4:

some more pics...

Step 5:

my new uzi. sorry i wont be posting.



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    The hardness level from 3 to 4 isn't just an increase. Its a Mount Everest!

    you should post but ohwell its awesome still :-{)

    as with every member, their first instructable is always their weakest when it comes to instructions. me and you are both examples.

    Thanks! I like this gun alot... Its actually quite good. As you seemd interested, have a look at my Knex heavy Cannon v2 - Mini. I hope to get instructions up before too long.

    Knex Cannon v2 - Mini 005.jpgKnex Cannon v2 - Mini 004.jpg

    i'm english but thanks for you help. does that say staples on the front because we have staples in england so i'l nag my mum to go there