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Introduction: K'nex Turret Bow [Build]

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Hello everyone! Here are the instruction for the turret bow made by Zakrants! Tell me what you think below!

Step 1:

Step 2: Stock

Here you will build the stock which contains the trigger mech. There will be image notes when necessary.

Step 3: Handle and Trigger

Here you will build the handle. Obviously it is quite generic so you can change it if you wish. Just keep it similar to the one here.

Step 4: Front Bit

Probably the strangest part of the gun. Just try to follow along. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

Step 5: Bows and the Turret

I didn't take these apart because they're a pain to make but you can clearly see what is going on.

Step 6: Attaching Everything

Here you will attach all the parts you just made. Again, if you have any questions, just leave a comment.



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    building this tomorrow or the day after that! or the day after that, or that, or that.

    I am going to make this. in the next few days!

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    Hey so I built it. I got just two small problems though... First, I don't get what the yellow rod in the middle is supposed to do. It is stuck within its housing and can be pulled out to reset the action, but falls out if you do and hold the gun slightly upwards. Second is the turret: it doesn't seem to have a locking mechanism or I can't get it to work and I have to reposition the turret for each shot manually, often resulting in the firing pin hitting the turret housing instead of the bullet transfer, destroying the turret. You have some help for me? I can provide pictures tomorrow maybe.

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    I remember back in the days Zak was a little secretive about this project and didn't allow anyone to post it. The turretbow was raised to godlike levels, as if it were the gun Jesus would shoot. And I must say I am delighted to hear that I can finally make it. Thanks for making instructions, I'll try to pick K'nex up again starting with this beauty.

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    I remember that too :) I got pics of it off of Mepain's KI stash when he opened it up 3 years back. I was disappointed in the fact this has 2 energy transfers. It could be far better with just a single transfer. I don't have time for K'nex any more as I'm at University, and have real engineering projects to be doing. Perhaps this could be developed further as a rail repeater by someone?

    Oh wait I remember you, you're the one who made the Ltn Licorice and that full-auto design :D

    The Ltn Licorice has a simple way of tackling the problems you desribed and I think they could be adopted to this gun as well... But not very easily. The firing pin would have to be aligned in a completely different way.

    Myself, I did some experiments on this as well, but never found them to be quite succesful. The tricky part is in the way the ram stops. You do not want it to stop by directly touching the turret because turrets are not so strong... If the gun was magazine-fed this would not be an issue. Then again I do wonder if a double power transfer has any downsides?

    I'm thinking of modifying the gun to accept straight magazines, though I also want the magazine to be relatively jam-free so I'm tinkering with bolt action designs now. My current concepts are based around a second pump only for cycling the action, but still with manual cocking of the ram.

    the worst crossbow ever

    the firing pin does not stay in the gun

    it blows itself apart every time you pull the trigger(if the trigger even works)

    the turret does not even work

    can you please tell me how to fix this?

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    Well I am sorry to hear it isn't working for you. Its hard to say what went wrong because I can't really see how you built it. It worked fine when I had it some I'm not sure what to tell you.