K'nex Two in One Gun





Introduction: K'nex Two in One Gun

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This gun is an extremely powerful kne'x sniper rifle and a shrapnel gun all rolled into one gun barrel.

Step 1: The Stock

The yellow bendy rods look the coolest, so use them is you can!

Step 2: The Handle

All you have to do is put the two halves together

Step 3: Barrel

What you see now is half the barrel. There are two rows of orange connectors inside like in my last secondary picture.

Step 4: Side Braces

They play the largest role in attaching the barrel to the rest of the gun

Step 5: Stock Shaft

This picture is upside down and backwards. Sorry.

Step 6: Put It All Together

You're almost done! It's time to put everything together now.

Step 7: Rubberband Clips

The rubber band clips hold the rubber bands on. (Obviously!)

Step 8: Rubber Band Placement and Loading

Put a rubber band on just like this on both sides. If it's only on one side, the trigger will break off very easily.

Step 9: Rubberbands and Ammo

Put as many rubber bands as you want inside the clips



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    45 Discussions

    How many pieces are required to build the gun

    Hey, Love the gun but everyone has this obsession at the moment with overly-long barrels. Personally I don't see the point as you tend to lose power, and for the accuracy the barrel adds the only way that will make a difference is if you're shooting extremely long range. Anyways. Thats my rant over. Still. good gun. P.S. I made a shortened barrel version I will post the pics later. Pob!

    8 replies

    Sorry to kill your comment but longer barrel=less power. Whatever you're shooting will bounce around inside the barrel, create friction and slow down. :s

    Higher accuracy, and the power makes up for the accuracy, because the rubberbands stretch further.

    Not if you build it right.  Certain guns (like my OSSR) have it where the bullet doesn't touch the barrel.

     Does the ammo actually go down the middle of the barrel?
    And would you mind telling me what oodammo is. I'm confused :s

    It does go down the barrel, but it doesn't touch the barrel.  Oodammo is a red connector with a white rod.  Oodalumps invented it.

     Thanks for the info. But if the ammo doesn't touch the barrel whats the point in having a barrel?

    Where will you hook the bands to?  The longer the barrel, the more power it has.

    Since the gun doesn't have a firing pin, the ammo is hooked to rubberbands and the bands are hooked to the end of the barrel, so it is a slingshot setup.