Knex UN-22R Prototype

Introduction: Knex UN-22R Prototype

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This rifle has the old winchester type handle/stock and the classic 6-round mag of .22 caliber rounds. Read the stats =D

Good range for a prototype 35-45 ft
Has a winchester type feel to it
Looks cool
Iron sights

Looks kind of rough
Front end is too small

This is only a prototype of the UN-22R series; wait until the Mk1 arrives =D



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    Thank you =D Mk1 will be bigger, more powerful, and better looking. You might see the Mk1 as early as tomorrow :D

    My cousin let me play his XBOX today of MW1, and I HATE CAMPERS AND NOOBTUBERS!!!! Unless im the one doing it ti other people.

    Camping on certain maps is fun XD I can just wait for the enemy to approach and they will either walk into a very big claymore trap or get n00btubed XD