Knex USP-45 ( Barrel, Handle)





Introduction: Knex USP-45 ( Barrel, Handle)

About: I dont play with knex anymore

this is my knex USP-45. really powerful. For better pictures look by my instructables.

Step 1: Trigger

follow the pics

Step 2: Other

follow the pics

Step 3: Rubberbands/ram




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    Just look closely at the pics and you should be able to make it.

    nice i built it but it does not shoot can you help or is it just a modle? 4.5* well done

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    ik latin english and spanisj O_O Hmmm wat u gonna do now??????? oh ur gonna cry cry and cry till u die Hmm punk oh wat im staring at ( is staring at u) hmm ill let u know when i find out wat

    this was a very reliable gun i had to mad the trigger though...

    for my trigger mod it i think is the same size as the original trigger but i suggest you take the red peice at the bottom of the handle and switch it with one of the grey peices you use for ammo

    I know this comments late. but the trigger is weak, when i built it it couldnt hold the strain of the firing pin. i tried weaker and weaker bands but it still wouldnt work, any suggestions

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    no offense but i made this before and modded the trigger it needed rubber bands but this thing is horid sorry tho:(

    FINNAY YOU MADE INSTRUTIONS BUT U NOW WHAT to bad i made from pics lol but it still is very good