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Well my uzi conquest is almost over =P It is averaging 35 ft as the mini uzi is, has a mock suppressor, folding front grip,removable mag, a rail for accessories on top and can shoot up to three rounds at once. please fav and comment below =)



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Looks so cool, I can imagine it in real life with about 100 different attachments. Like a tactical sort of thing, with a suppressor and laser/light.

    BTW I love the grip, though it's not like an Uzi one, IMO, it looks amazing.

    I told my self to comment on this, and I forgot... of course.

    I would say that, overall, this is not too bad, but it could use some work.

    Maybe you and I are looking at two different pictures... but I think it might have been beter to go with the one I have in the picture below, as it does not have all that "mumbo-jumbo" in the front...

    Uzi Pro.jpgUzi Pro K'NEX.jpg
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    Thanks =) I agree this could use some work , these are the pics that I went off.{EC970852-7233-42E0-9BE7-CCBDE95FED5D}

    It looks a little messy with all of the rubber bands, but it seems to be well designed. Maybe you could try and find a way to remove all the rubber bands and then it will look a lot better. Nice work, though.

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    Thanks =) There are only two areas on this were the rubber bands are necessary,for the firing pin and the trigger. The bands on the front grip hold those orange connectors on and the one on the grip... well i dont know why I put that there =P


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry about not posting enough pics,my camera died, I'll put more up tomorrow =)